Looking Forward Town Hall: Questions & Answers


Data security concerns. Are we more vulnerable in the cloud? Who has the better track record?

No. Any system connected to the internet is vulnerable. The difference in security is the security protocols, the resources to monitor for attacks and vulnerabilities, and resources to address the concerns quickly. Cloud-based software companies often have more resources to both monitor and address security concerns than local institutions.

Do the faculty get to see the details when using Peer Review in Canvas?

Yes, the faculty have the ability to review the a peer review either before or after it is released to the students.


Can I use a Turning Point integration? Are there other benfits?

Yes. Although this is not a instructor-level integration through the EduApp Center, Turning Point is listed as a certified partner that could be integrated at the Admin level. The recommended response system at OU is iClickers for physical response systems.


Can we pull our data from D2L to Canvas?

Yes, course data and format can be migrated from D2L to Canvas through a simple process. The plan is to bulk migrate the last two years of course with content from D2L to Canvas. In testing, the migration has gone very smoothly.

For student data, IT is investigate the possibility of archiving this data in an accessible form. It is a best practice to export student grades at the end of the semester as a csv file as well as student work you would like to retain in a standard file format, doc or pdf. IT is looking into a bulk process that could make archiving this information seamless.

How accurate is the migration?

The migration tests have shown the migrations from D2L to Canvas to go very smoothly.  The online teams in the College of Arts & Science, College of Liberal Studies, and Center for Distance and Independent Learning have been testing the migration process. So far it has been remarkable accurate. In a few cases, the information was importing into the wrong area. One of these was already corrected by Canvas and their engineers are investigating the others. There are some features such as shuffle questions and advanced questions types that are not in the current Quiz function in Canvas and, therefore, these do not migrate. These features will be in Quiz 2 released over the Summer and early Fall and this concern should be corrected.

Canvas does work differently from other learning management systems. It is important to review the course after the migration. It may be beneficial to reconsider some modifications to take full advantage of the new system.

Will we still provide 24/7 help desk support?

Yes, the proposal is to continue to purchase vendor provided 24/7 help desk support as is done currently with Desire2Learn.

Will we have the ability to add GTAs?

Yes, you can add teaching assistants to a course either during the course set-up process or any time after a course is created.




Who picks the course color?

The user picks the identifying course color within the system. It is unique to each user, student or instructor.

Can I import to the calendar from Microsoft?

No, Outlook does not allow continuous calendar feeds using iCal. You can export the Canvas calendar to your Outlook calendar, but not the reverse.

If I build my course once, can I still copy?

Yes, you can copy courses from one semester to another. The importer will also attempt to adjust the dates for assignments if you select this option.



Gradebook in D2L is clunky. Is this one better?

1 person inputs text in D2L

Can we migrate courses?

Yes, you can migrate course from D2L to Canvas and Canvas course one semester to another. The proposed migration includes a plan to bulk migrate the last two year courses from D2L to Canvas.

You can also migrate courses yourself. To migrate a D2L course to Canvas, you will first need to export the D2L course and then import the zip file into Canvas. Within, Canvas you can copy content from one course to another. Instructions:

Moving D2L Course Content to Canvas



Moving Canvas Course Content to another Canvas Course


You can request access to the Canvas ‘sandbox’ and try migrating your own course at this site, http://lmsevaluation.teachou.net/requestaccess/.

Will we migrate student data?

IT is investigate the possibility of archiving student data in an accessible form. It is a best practice to export student grades at the end of the semester as a csv file as well as student work you would like to retain in a standard file format, doc or pdf. IT is looking into a bulk process that could make archiving this information seamless.

How long will we keep courses in Canvas?

The intent will be to keep the courses as long as possible within the storage limits on

Can I accept a make-up exam in Canvas?
Can I create a quiz bank?
Can I hide grades from students?

Yes, this is called muting an assignment. https://community.canvaslms.com/docs/DOC-2823

Integration with Banner to send grades?

Yes. The goal will be to have the integration of Canvas with Banner by mid-term grades submission if not sooner. Here are the instructions on submitting grades to Banner, https://community.canvaslms.com/docs/DOC-2854.

Digital way to do presentation in a face-to-face course and lock down other functions on the device to allow students to only take notes?

A Learning Management System may not be the right tool for this purpose. There are some effective classroom management strategies to allow students to use their devices to take notes in class, but still not be distracted by other web applications online.

Can we allow external participants?

Yes. You can add external users. If they are not associated with OU, they may have to create an account with Canvas. Instructions: https://community.canvaslms.com/docs/DOC-2878

Can we provide annotated feedback?

Yes. Canvas integrated Crocdocs web app to allow annotation through the SpeedGrader.