Looking Forward Town Hall: Questions & Answers


Data security concerns. Are we more vulnerable in the cloud? Who has the better track record?
Do the faculty get to see the details when using Peer Review in Canvas?
Can I use a Turning Point integration? Are there other benfits?
Can we pull our data from D2L to Canvas?
How accurate is the migration?
Will we still provide 24/7 help desk support?
Will we have the ability to add GTAs?



Who picks the course color?
Can I import to the calendar from Microsoft?
If I build my course once, can I still copy?
Gradebook in D2L is clunky. Is this one better?
Can we migrate courses?
Will we migrate student data?
How long will we keep courses in Canvas?
Can I accept a make-up exam in Canvas?
Can I create a quiz bank?
Can I hide grades from students?
Integration with Banner to send grades?
Digital way to do presentation in a face-to-face course and lock down other functions on the device to allow students to only take notes?
Can we allow external participants?
Can we provide annotated feedback?