Tentative Migration Plan

The following is an outline of a tentative migration plan for the migration from D2L(Brightspace) to Canvas, if the recommendation of PACLT is approved.

Plan for Migration


Faculty choose when to migrate to Canvas over 2016-17


Transformation team to provide assistance to Faculty in enhancing and developing courses


Extensive online resources to assist Faculty who want training on their schedule

Bulk Migration:

  • Copy courses with content from D2L and transfer to Canvas
  • Faculty will see their old courses with the content within Canvas

Transformative Teaching Fellows:

  • Team of Graduate students to assist with migration
  • Provide one-on-one assistance for Faculty
  • Graduate Students from a range of disciplines to help provide contextual assistance to Faculty


Teams Involved:

  • Center for Teaching Excellence
  • Information Technology Digital Spaces
  • College of Arts & Sciences Online and Academic Technology Services
  • College of Liberal Studies
  • Center for Independent and Distance Education
  • University Libraries
  • Office of Academic Assessment

Taskforce Teams:

  • Migration Taskforce
  • Faculty Support Taskforce
  • Student Support Taskforce
  • Online Programs Taskforce
  • IT Taskforce


May 2016

  • Previews of the Platform
  • Access to Canvas sandbox site
  • Demo Open Course for Faculty and Students
  • Call for applications for Transformation Fellows (graduate students from across campus)
  • Call for Opt-ins for Fall 2016

June 1 – June 15, 2016:

  • Access to Canvas on June 1
  • On-site Train-the-Trainer workshops by Canvas
  • Train Transformative Teaching Fellows

Summer 2016

  • Bulk Migration of courses with significant content
  • Transformation Fellows will work on migrating Online and opt-in Large Lecture Courses
  • CTE, IT and other programs will develop workshops, online content and curate video and online train resources from Canvas

August 1 – 22, 2016: 

  • Extensive workshops and resources for any last minute opt-in Faculty for the Fall
  • Train New Faculty on Canvas, Introduce new GTAs to Canvas

Fall 2016

  • Transformation Fellows will provide one-on-one course migration/development support for faculty transitioning in the Spring.
  • CTE, IT, and partners would offer a broad range of workshops covering how-to, pedagogical, and advanced tools in Canvas
  • Faculty Fellow Enrichment Program developed by Faculty Fellow focusing on LMS use in traditional courses.

Spring 2017

  • Transformation Fellows would provide one-on-one course migration/development team for faculty transitioning in the Summer and Fall.
  • CTE, IT and partners would have a broad range of workshops covering how-to, pedagogical, and advanced tools in Canvas
  • Faculty Fellow Enrichment Program continues

Summer 2017

  • Final transition off of D2L by June 30

July 1, 2017

  • Full Canvas implementation