Designed to save Faculty time:

  • SpeedGrader allows you to quickly and easily grade assignments and provide feedback (Browser, iOS, Android)
  • Rubrics are easy to create and integrate directly into the grading process to speed grading.
  • Assignments are the key to creating the course. Once you create an Assignment, the system creates a Syllabus item, Calendar entry, Grades column, and Quizzes or Discussion item if needed.
  • Calendar entries may be dragged and dropped to different dates and the changes are updated everywhere in your course and a notification is sent to announce the due date change.
  • Create audio and video directly in the Rich Content Editor in Canvas. Click. Record. Done.
  • Notifications can be sent directly from Grades based on a missed due date or a grade on an assignment
  • Scheduler is part of the Calendar and creates appointment groups that students can sign up for.
  • What-If Grades allow students to put in a grade as a “what-if” and see the resulting final grade. Saves Faculty time in answering “what grade to I need to make an A” questions. It also improves Student Success.

Ease of Use:

  • Canvas received high scores on usability from peer Institution pilots.
  • Peer Institutions report short times, as little as an hour, for Faculty and Students to become comfortable in the Canvas environment.
  • Institutions such as University of Mary Washington report an increase overall adoption rate over previous LMS.
  • User interface is based on modern web design principles to provide an intuitive experience similar to consumer apps.

Features of Interest:

Anonymous Grading: Assignments can be graded in SpeedGrader anonymously

Peer Reviews: Students can provide feedback on another student’s assignment submission and can help students master the concepts of a course

ePortfolios: Student can create an ePortfolio that is tied to their profile and not a course and they can choose to keep the portfolio private or share with others.

Commons: Learning object repository enable instructors to find, import, and share resources including courses, modules, assignments, quizzes, discussions, pages, documents, images, videos and audio.  Easily share common resources between different courses or use for Unit/College level content.

Web Conferencing: Synchronous conference with video, chat and screen sharing allows for engagement with students no matter their location.

Polls on Canvas: Provides a simple online response system that can be used to engage students in class or to poll the students between class sessions.

App Integrations: With instructor-level app integrations, Faculty can expand the functionality by one-button installs of third-part apps. 197 currently available include OER content, major publisher online systems, and common online utilities.

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