Faculty: FAQ

The following are some questions that have been raised in the online feedback



Will we have access to archived D2L course content?

Yes, it is possible to download the old courses from D2L during the transitional period and import them into another LMS. IT is evaluating a bulk migration option that would copy content from D2L and move it to Canvas for courses back two years. In addition, they are evaluating and solution that would allow older content to be migrated as well, upon request.

Faculty can complete the migration of course content with a simple download from D2L and upload with the import tool into Canvas.  We are looking at a bulk migration of the past two years of content to do this for you.  We are very hopeful that we will have a process that will allow the migration of older content upon request.

Will OU consider another transition when something better comes along in a few years?

No, the recommendation is to make an extended commitment to the new LMS.  A transition in a campus-wide learning platform is a significant undertaking that will take time to complete and to show positive impact.  Therefore, a commitment of at least five years is being recommended.

What version of D2L is OU currently using?

The University of Oklahoma has been on Brightspace version 10.5.4 for on-permise clients from January 6, 2016.  The current version of Brightspace on their cloud offering is 10.5.7, as of March 31, 2016.