PAC Learning Technologies

Provost Advisory Committee for Learning Technologies


The Provost Advisory Committee for Learning Technologies is charged with providing input on the OU-NC learning technologies to the Senior Vice President & Provost.  Learning Technologies include educational technology such as learning management systems, electronic portfolios, and response systems as well as other technologies that enhance instruction.  The committee will assess whether the learning technologies are serving the needs of the students and faculty, how the learning technologies can enhanced the educational experience of our students, and the training needs of the instructors to utilize learning technologies in pedagogically effective methods.  In addition, the committee will evaluate innovations in learning technologies and provide advice on the impact of these innovations to student’s educational experience.  The Provost Advisory Committee for Learning Technologies is appointed by the Norman campus Senior Vice President and Provost and is composed of faculty and staff from the Norman campus who are involved in teaching, training, or administration using the OU-NC learning technologies.

Committee Structure

Chair – Mark Morvant, Associate Provost for Teaching and Technology

Standing Membership:

Adam Croom, Director of Digital Courses

Chris Kobza, Executive Director of Campus and Community Engagement

Kevin Buck, Program Manager for Digital Spaces

Aaron Biggs, Executive Director of Technology Advancement

Rotating Faculty membership:  Six faculty with 3-year rotating terms appointed by the Provost

Faculty Representative 2014-16:  Heather Ketchum, Department of Biology

Faculty Representative 2014-16:  Amy McGovern, School of Computer Science

Faculty Representative 2014-17:  Theresa A. Cullen, Department of Educational Psychology

Faculty Representative 2014-17:  Colin Rhinesmith, School of Library and Information Studies

Faculty Representative 2015-18:  Will Drover, Entrepreneurship & Economic Development

Faculty Representative 2015-18:  Robert L. Kerr, Media Law and History